Frequently Asked Questions


(a.k.a. things we think you want to know but are too afraid to ask)

What cool things will I run past?


For the Marathon route the first section of the route takes in the main high street and then you will also pass:

  • Clock Tower
  • Dorset County Museum
  • Borough Gardens
  • Brewery Square
  • Max gate
  • Stafford Manor House
  • Woodsford Castle
  • Throop Heath
  • Briantspuddle War Memorial
  • Manor House & Martyrs tree
  • Athlehampton house

For the half route the you run out of Dorchester quickly to enter the pictursque villages straight away:

  • Kingston Maurward Mansion House
  • Puddletown Forest
  • Waterston Manor

What’s a ‘lovestation’?


At our races we realise that sometimes you need a bit of boost at the bit in the race where you are starting flag, normally 20 miles in marathons, 7 or 8 in a half etc, so we have the Lovestation.

So when you rock up to the Lovestation you can have a sit down and glass of something nice like flat Coke or a cider and chew on a cake or Scotch egg and just get your s*** together before venturing on to finish the race.

There may be a hug or two.

The serious side is we can also have a look at you and assess whether you are in a fit state to carry on.

We realise that running a long way is not easy and present some challenges, heat, cold, sun, rain, wind, falling over, hills, exhaustion etc can all take a toll and we are keen not to have any casualties. We take safety seriously and would only pull you out of the race if we felt you looked like death and for you to continue would put you at risk. So that’s why we have the Lovestation so you can carry on your merry way.

Can I wear an iPod\MP3 player?


No, sorry as this race is run under UK Athletics rules you are not allowed to wear music players sorry. We will have to be really strict on this fact and will disqualify anyone seen running with earphones in.

Is parking secure?


Parking is within the race village, we suggest you lock cars and place valuables out of sight.

Where is the nearest Dr’s, A&E etc?


Whilst we will have full medical support around the route, in the unfortunate event you should still require them, then the nearest are: Dorset County Hopsital, Williams Ave, Dorchester DT1 2JY.

What time does the bar open and shut?


It will open when we need it too and shut when we all go home.

What is the weather going to be like?


Really? Dunno. We will ask the Met office on Twitter just before the races and they are usually pretty good with the accuracy of their replies. Please bring appropriate kit for the weather forecast.

What other races do White Star Running organise?


Right then … ready? …

The Award winning and most epic Giants Head Marathon, hilly trail, Britain’s best marathon. OFFICIAL.

The Larmer Tree, Marathon,20 miler and Half Marathon, hilly trail.

The Ox Races, Ultra, Marathon and Half, Hilly, actually … very hilly trail (includes the Light and Dark Ox)

The Dorset Invader, Marathon and Half Marathon. Pretty hilly trail (can you see a theme here yet).

Bad Cow Weekender, double day marathons, 10k and half marathon. Flat…yes flat. Multiple laps.

Wedding Cow like the Bad Cow but will be Hen night related….dont ask.

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